Sei Gohong Tourism

16 Oktober 2023
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Sei Gohong Tourism Village is about 35 kilometers and takes 45 minutes from the center of Palangka Raya City. The first time they enter this nature tour, visitors will be treated to shady trees and fresh air around Sei Gohong.

Tourism destination appeals to the river with rocks and river water being blackish brown due to the structure of the soil and the roots of local trees.

On this tour, visitors can enjoy walking down the rapid river it feels like playing mini rafting. This tourist attraction is treated and kept clean, assisted by local residents.

In Sei Gohong there are also several small cottages by the river that can be used to rest and relax.

Sei Gohong can continue to be developed because it still has a lot of potential that can be managed so that it can continue to exist even though many other tourist attractions are emerging.

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