Tahai Lake

27 Oktober 2023
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Tahai Lake is a tourist attraction that is quite popular in Palangka Raya City. This tourist attraction is located in Tumbang Tahai village, Bukit Batu sub-district, Palangka Raya City. Towards Tahai Lake visitors only take approximately 30 minutes from the city centre.

Tahai Lake features a small lake tour surrounded by wooden bridges as a medium to walk along and see the beauty of Tahai Lake.

During weekends and holidays, many visitors visit Tahai Lake just to enjoy the cold air and comfortable atmosphere that this tourist destination offers.
The water in Tahai Lake has its own uniqueness, because it is red in colour due to the roots of peatland trees.

For visitors who want to relax, there are also lodges available for resting while looking at the lake and enjoying the cold air.

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