Tangkiling Nature Park

Tangkiling Nature Park is located in the Bukit Tangkiling area and is a fairly popular natural tourist spot in Palangka Raya City.

This tourist attraction displays natural beauty from the height of the hills and presents a cool and beautiful atmosphere compared to the urban atmosphere. Surrounded by lush trees, on top of Bukit Tangkiling, visitors can enjoy the beauty of Palangka Raya City, especially the sparkling city lights if visited in the afternoon to evening.

Tangkiling Nature Park is located on Tjilik Riwut Street KM 32 towards the outside of Palangka Raya city. Getting to this location only takes about 30 minutes from the city center. 

To be able to enjoy a more beautiful view, visitors need to climb along the road to the top of the Bukit Tangkiling for approximately 30-40 minutes. During the ascent visitors will be treated to a typical natural landscape of Bukit Tangkiling.

Facilities available at this tourist attraction include parking lots and food and beverage stalls.

Visitors, especially millennials, often visit this tourist attraction to be able to enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset from Bukit Tangkiling.

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